PETER KROGH: THE DAM SEMINAR: Digital Asset Management 3.0

Thursday, May 10th 8:45am – 10:45am

Seminar Overview:

Best practices in Digital Asset Management

Managing a photo collection has gotten both easier and harder. Large hard drives and mature cataloging software has made storage and classification of images easier. But other parts have become more difficult. Photos from your mobile phone can rival the quality of “real” cameras, and now need to be integrated into photo collections. Cloud services are everywhere, but it’s hard to know which to use (or which to trust). And now photographers need to think ever more about video, 3-D imaging, and Artificial Intelligence.How can a photographer make sense of the changing landscape? Peter Krogh, one of the world’s leading authorities on the practice of digital asset management, will help you understand how to create a system that’s right for you. He’ll outline the choices for your local hard drive storage, catalog software, and metadata use. And we’ll also explore how to make use of cloud services and best practices for the expanding world of mobile photography. You’ll learn how to understand workflow, storage, organization; how those relate to creativity and to cut down your image processing time while simultaneously preparing images for a long-term archive.

In this information-packed seminar, Krogh will present information from his new version of The DAM Book which helps you to understand these new developments, and give your image collection the thoughtful care it deserves. 

This seminar will potentially change your working methods forever.

Price:  $45



Peter Krogh has been a photographer for nearly thirty years, working for publications, agencies, corporations and NGOs worldwide. He loves to tell stories with words, still photos and motion imagery. He served on ASMP’s board of directors for six years, and founded its Digital Standards and Practices Committee.

A widely-recognized industry leader, Peter was the Director of the project, and the author of “The DAM Book, Digital Asset Management for Photographers”, the best-selling book on digital photo management. He has created instructional material for the Library of Congress, World Press Photo, Microsoft and Adobe, to name a few. He spends much of his time spreading the gospel of good image management and effective workflow worldwide.